While You Were Sleeping…

Gone are the days when I could stay up all night working, supervising lock-ins, camping with groups of kids, or laughing with friends.  I am tired…really tired at the end of each day.  I just turned 50 this summer, and the realization of my body’s limitations has hit me full on.

The really fun part?  Being 50 and having a 10 year old and an 8 year old.  I am an “older parent”…a “single working parent”…I get tired. Sometimes my excited children need to wake me up to share funny stories, or get a cuddle. Other times, they just have a blast entertaining themselves, and I wake up to interesting clues about what they were doing while I slept…

This was the scene at the foot of my bed this morning.  Two dolls dressed for bed, and a book of Bible stories…so sweet.

Life is full of sweet little moments…even while I am sleeping.



authenticitee speaks


Something ’bout a man on bended knee

To the very core it reveals his humility

Whether asking for a hand

Or fighting for his country

Or seeking the face of his Creator

For direction he so desperately needs

Something ’bout a man on bended knee

Gathering his composure to be strong for me

Humbling himself before the big game

Humbling himself by knowing

Who to thank

Vulnerable before his Maker

Knowing where his strength comes from

Not wanting to make a move without Him

Not embarrassed to become undone

Something ’bout a man on bended knee

Who lays his pride aside

Recognizing there’s One greater

Guiding him during the day

Watching him overnight

Something ’bout a man on bended knee

Rising from the ashes valiantly

Recovering from every fall

Admitting he doesn’t know it all

Not afraid to stand again

Strategy in sight

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